Little by Little Box & Scented Candle


Special Edition Candle Box in colaboration with Flair Scent

This box is made out of porcelain and is carefully hand crafted using the slip casting technique. The lid is hand decorated with blue underglaze ceramic pigment and coated with glossy transparent glaze. Each line is drawn by hand forming a geometric pattern.
Filled with soy wax and scented oil this box was made into a wonderful candle to enjoy a moment of pleasure.

Fragrance: myrrh and incense

Doubled fired at 900°C and at 1250°C
Materials: porcelain, glaze, ceramic pigment
Size approx: H 4cm / ∅ 14cm

After the candle is consumed you are left with the porcelain box to use or you can send it to Flair Scent for a refill.

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