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This workshop is an introduction to the fascinating world of ceramics.

A complete workshop for beginners to learn the basics of hand building ceramics.

You will work with porcelainstoneware and discover theirs features through different handbuilding techniques.

In the first two sessions you will learn how to pinch, coil and slab build with stoneware and porcelain, to create anything from cups to vases, to small sculptures, the possibilities are endless.

The third session is for finishing your objects after their first bisque fire, getting them ready for the next session.

In the last session you will decorate them with ceramic pigments and coloured glazes. Finally, all creations will be glazed and prepared for the final firing.

After a week or two you can come pick them up from the studio.

When? each month if a full class is formed. 4 available places

Where? @De Ceramica Studio

How much? 1200lei