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Desired Constellation


Star gazing has been our pastime since the dawn of humanity.

People looked to the sky to find the meaning of life itself. To make sense of this vast, cold and bewitched universe, we assigned it shapes and forms which had meaning and ascendance over us.

Besides immortality, and the philosopher’s stone, the other quest that has propelled humanity for ages has been that of divining the future. And who better to foretell our destiny but the stars themselves: cold, distant and wise.

So we started charting the astrological signs, mapping the sky and predicting our lives at the same time. Hoping to avoid sorrow and disaster, and to find love and prosperity.

I look at the stars and they mesmerise me. And so I wanted to create my own constellations. Because who’s to say we cannot arrange our lucky stars the way we want to.

*Pieces from this collection can be pre-order. You can ask for a specific color. Delivery can take between 2-4 weeks.