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There is something hypnotic and relaxing about a recurrent geometrical shape. The way it seems to multiply to infinity in mathematical perfection.

This collection is inspired by an architectural feature that most of us don’t pay much attention to, but which has a very definitive purpose, it sets the limits of our intimate familial space. I am referring to the humble but powerful fence, traditional or modern, and it’s more decorative cousin, the window grid, with its various models wrought in iron.

Decorative and functional at the same time, these elements of architecture are a sort of passage from one reality to another, between the outside world and the inside of our homes.

I use these powerful and perfectly balanced shapes as inspiration. I reinterpret them and through this transformation I share with you the beauty and art of such unassuming and (apparently) ordinary things as the gate, the fence or the grid.

Every piece in this collection is carefully made and painted by hand.

*Pieces from this collection can be pre-order. You can ask for a specific color. Delivery can take between 2-4 weeks.